How is Lunette Cup different from other cups?

Lunette Cup differs from other menstrual cup with design, material and quality.

We’re not the only ones who think menstrual cups are the future of period care. Every cup brand is different. For over 13 years Lunette Cups are manufactured in Finland, and from the raw materials to the finished product, team Lunette is committed to safety and comfort. This costs a bit more, but your safety, comfort and trust should always be the priority.

Here are few factors that make Lunette Cup the best menstrual cup in the world:                                                                                                  

  • COMFORTABLE RIM Less pronounced, soft rim for easy, comfortable insertion and removal.
  • FLAT STEM Flat, thin but durable stem is easy to clean and comfortable to wear.
  • SUPERIOR SHAPE Thanks to the improved design the cup stays securely in place and gives superior comfort and greater capacity.
  • SMOOTH INTERIOR Smooth interior for easy emptying and cleaning.
  • AIR HOLES Larger air holes are easy to clean and make the removal simple.
  • NATURAL SILICONE FDA approved, highest quality medical grade silicone. Contains no chemicals. BPA and latex free. 100% BODY SAFE
  • Registered with FDA and TGA. Winner of the vigorous Danish chemical safety test.
  • RIDGES For easy grip and secure removal.