Is it actually necessary to sanitize your cup with sanitizing tablets, boiling water, or disinfecting wipes, or is it okay to just wash it with unscented soap?

We highly recommend to use only our cleaning products because they are the only ones that have been made exclusively for Lunette cups.

We have tested them and we can guarantee they don't harm you or your cup. It is good to disinfect the cup before and after your period to make sure there isn't any stains left in cup so nothing ugly will start to grow in them. Boiling for 10 minutes (for the very fist time 20 minutes) and our cup wipes are the best and easiest way to do that. Normal soap is not good for many reasons: their pH is normally not optimal, they can contain oils which is super bad for the cup and they can leave some remains to the cup. Your body or the cup cannot handle it. All in all if you wanna make sure you don't do any harm to you or your cup use our products. The cup cleanser is super sufficient and one bottle lasts easily a year.