How to fold the menstrual cup for insertion?

There are different ways you can get your folding groove on, here's few tips!

There are different ways you can get your folding groove on but all result in getting your cup snug and secure in the lower vaginal area and beyond the public bone (the sweet spot) where it can do its thing without you feeling it at all. Here's a video of 9 different fold methods!

Once in place, the cup unfolds and gently springs into position where a seal is formed and keeps it held securely. Ready to rock!

Not sure which technique is best for you? Give yourself a little time to practice and try them out. Just like with tampons, the first time can take a little concentration but you’ll be a pro before you know it.

C-fold or Heart Fold the basic fold that most women use. Once inserted give it a moment to spring into position (don’t worry, it always does!)

Punch Down Fold or Shell Fold the fold most popular with younger cup users. It makes the cup smaller to insert, you just might need to give it an extra nudge and check that it has opened properly.

7 Fold or Triangle Fold the simple fold that’s maybe easier to insert and a good option if the other methods don’t seem to suit you as much.