I'm having problems with the first time. What can I do?

Early difficulties are super normal so don't worry! Sometimes it takes a few months to learn the use

Did you practice with the cup before or during your periods? Getting the cup inside can be a challenge at first so it is best to practice when having periods. During periods the vagina is more moist and flexible. You can also use water-based lube to help with the insertion. I am sure you can get the hang of it!

Relaxing is the key. If you are nervous about the cup use, you will also tense your vaginal muscles. So try to be as relaxed as possible and find a comfortable position. You can sit on the toilet with your legs apart or squat down so that the vagina is open and it is easier to insert the cup.

Have you trid different ways to fold the cup? Finding the fold that works best for you can really make a difference! Check out the folding methods here.

If you find that the cup is too stiff which makes it difficult to insert and take out, try softening it by boiling it in water multiple times. Place the cup in boiling water for 10 minutes. Take out, let it cool and pop it back in to the pot again. Repeat a few times.