My cup leaks. Can this be related to my cervix?

If you’re a menstruating human whose cervix moves to a lower position during menstruation or if the cup is inserted too high, the two can touch and cause leaks or discomfort.

The cervix is the entrance of the uterus through which menstrual blood flows through a pin-sized hole into the vaginal canal. It might cause leaking if the cup takes it place too high and sits next to the cervix.


  • You can locate your cervix in the upper part of your vagina and it will feel like the tip of a nose. If you can’t locate it, then it means yours is deep enough and won’t affect using the cup in any way.  
  • Try to place the cup as low as possible to make sure that it covers the whole cervix. Feel free to shorten the stem if it bothers you!
  • If you’ve given birth, exercise the pelvic diaphragm muscles by doing kegels (the added bonus it can also help with incontinence and improving sex!)