I can’t get my menstrual cup out. Should I be worried?

Don’t worry! You’re not getting anything stuck in there.

Removing your menstrual cup can be tricky at first, but we promise it will come naturally after a few tries. When removing the cup, always remember to use your own pelvic floor muscles. Push the cup down with your pelvic muscles (as if you were pooping) until you can get a firm grip from the bottom. Pinch the bottom with your fore finger and thumb to release the suction. Then, keep pushing while slowly pulling the cup out.

You can also rock it from side to side, or you can fold the cup a bit by grabbing the cup with your fore finger, middle finger and thumb. Place your fingers around the cup and push your thumb between the fore and middle finger, that way you fold the cup with the c-fold method and it’s easier to get out.

You can also try this trick: slide your finger amongst the side of the cup (your finger between the cup and vaginal wall) and bend your finger when you reach the rim.

Be careful with your fingernails if they are too long!