Why does the cup slide down?

If you feel the cup sliding down, it probably hasn't created a good seal. But it is just of the possible reasons.

The most common causes for the cup sliding down are:

- the cup is not completely open and has not created a good seal. Make sure that the cup opens fully when you insert it. When inserting the cup, push out with your pelvic muscles and place the cup inside so that the bottom stays outside. Rotate the cup so that it fills with air – you can feel with your finger that the bottom of the cup is completely round. This is vital because wrinkles or fold in the cup will make it leak. Then tense your pelvic muscles in and push the cup inside the vagina. Push a bit towards the spine because vagina is tilted. The correct place for the cup is below the cervix so you can also test with you finger where the cervix is located during periods.

- the cervix comes lower during periods and may be pushing the cup out. If you have the bigger cup, the smaller Lunette might be a better fit for you since it would fit underneath the cervix. Some women with low cervix can place the bigger cup around the cervix so you could try that too.

- your pelvic muscles cannot hold the cup in place. You can strengthen your muscles with Kegel exercises or train with the cup. Try lifting the cup up in the vagina with your muscles, and then relax. Repeat a few times.